Basic Concepts

Canvas Grid

The layout of the canvas can be modified by clicking on the outer edge. You can insert, append or delete columns and rows to suit your desired layout. The new column or row will be added relative to where you clicked on the outer edge.

Columns may be resized by clicking on the white square and dragging it in either direction. As the mouse is moved a label will appear showing the current width of the column.

Items may fill more than one cell of the grid. Click and drag the triangle in the lower right corner of an item to span multiple rows or columns.

Forms Settings

There are a few high level form settings that are not well known that can make a big difference to what you build.

Label Alignment

Label Alignment defines where field labels will appear. The default is above the item, but you may also choose left or right.

Limit 1 Submission Per User

Enabling this property will ensure that an authenticated user may only submit one instance of the form. If a user has already submitted the form, when they visit the base URL their previously submitted form will be loaded (provided they still have read access).

Change Submission Behavior

Changing this property can make a big difference to how your application functions and you make see this leveraged in examples posted on this Wiki. The content for the success message is defined in the properties of the submit button that is clicked.

If you delete the submit message text within a submit button’s properties then no message will be shown when that button is clicked.

Call Service to pre-populate Form

Using a service can be a great way to leverage the corporate directory to pre-load information about the current user (i.e. name, email, manager, etc).

Page Settings - Responsive Layout

If you would like your form pages to be responsive, for displaying on various sized screens, then you will need to define the parameters for the behavior in the page settings.

You must define a minimum and maximum page width and you must also enable the dynamic layout. You must also set the threshold where the layout will switch to either single column mode or carousel (shows 1 question at a time).