Introduction to HCL Domino Volt

Domino Volt is being renamed to Domino Leap effective November 17, 2022 with the release of Domino Leap 1.1.

HCL Domino Leap is a new way to build applications on Domino. It combines the best of HCL Leap with the best of HCL Domino to provide you with everything you need to build web applications for anything from a simple data collection form to a resource request & approval system.

Volt adds a browser based design environment to Domino that lets you build apps in a visual manner. The applications you build (and data you collect) are stored Domino NSF files. At runtime applications are rendered through Volt’s runtime engine which interacts with Domino for all create, read, update and delete (CRUD) functions.

Volt runs on Domino’s Java runtime and uses Domino’s database, security, directory (or any directory it is connected to) and messaging (or any messaging it is connected to). It has no dependencies on anything other than Domino (v10 or v11).