Sample Apps

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Note on JavaScript settings requirements
Many of these apps will work in a sandboxed JavaScript environment (which is the case with the Volt Sandbox). Those that require full JavaScript will be noted. All of the JavaScript Library examples require full JavaScript (secureJS=false setting) and will not work in the Volt Sandbox. References: Using JS LIbraries in Volt, Course on Using JS Libraries in Volt

Application Examples

Training Request - Select a course and submit a request to attend it.

Animated Quiz - Take a quiz one question at a time.

Random Dog - Retrieve and see a random image or video

Bicycle Rental - Select a bike and make a reservation.

Customer Quote - Quote preparation for a service.

Request Leave - Submit and approve leave requests. 

Deal Tracking - Updated for v1.0.3. This version is greatly simplified with the new navigation functions

Travel Expense Claim - Looks up currency rates and converts amounts entered.

Onboarding Checklist - Uses modal dialogs for surfacing the different forms involved.

Covid Inspections - Performing and tracking covid related inspections

Hardware / Software Requests - Make requests from a catalog of company approved HW and SW.

Software Quality Process - App for planning and tracking software quality plans

Covid Case and Contact Tracking - Case management app for tracking cases and contacts

Volunteer - Volunteer recruitment and management. Featured in the December 16 Webinar

Sales Support - App for support the sales process. Featured in the December 16 Webinar

Expense Tracking System - Submit and track expense claims through their workflow. Featured in the December 16 Webinar

Asset Tracking System - Track and allocate assets. Featured in the December 16 Webinar.

Vacation Request System - Create and tracking leave requests. Featured in the December 16 Webinar.

Employee Onboarding - Request equipment and access for a new employee. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Order Entry and Procurement - Order and shopping cart style of app. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Sales Account Planning - CRM app which can be used as a front end to an existing CRM or standalone. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Candidate Recruitment - Workflow app that automates the process of applying for a job and the interview process. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Visitor Registration - A system to schedule and process visitors to an organization. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Basic CRM - Tracking opportunities and contacts. Created by HCL Lab Services.

FAQ Management - App for managing and presenting Government FAQs. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Online Healthcare Appointments - sign up and register to make appointments online with your healthcare provider. Created by HCL Lab Services.

Event Management - Propose and accept events, then manage their delivery. Created by HCL Lab Services.

How to Examples

Multilingual Apps - Technique and asset for managing language translations centrally

PDF Fill - See how the new PDF fill service works in Volt 1.0.1

New Volt 1.0.1 JavaScript Functions - A working example of the new functions added

Page and Form Navigation - How to go from any page to any other page

Using a Button instead of an Action Button

Interacting with a Table from the Main Form

Side Navigation with Dynamic Sections

Dynamic Workflow - Build an app that can handle a dynamic number of workflow stages

HTML Select Multiple - Using the HTML Select widget for multiple selections

SSN Mask - A technique which can used to mask information entered into form fields

Image Carousel - turn a table of image URLs into a carousel display.

HTML Table on App Page - example using the fetch JS command to pull JSON from a form and format it using HTML

Onboarding Checklist on App Page - use a checklist on an App Page to keep track of your progress with a number of different forms.

App Marketplace - Card View - app pulls data from form’s REST api and presents the records in carr view.

JavaScript Library Examples

Moment.JS - Time and date calculations

Signature Pad - Add written signatures to your app.

PDFMake and Signature Pad - Add signatures to a custom PDF.

TinyMCE - Example of how to add the open source rich text editor to your app.

JQPlot - Adding the JQuery based plotting library for data visualization.

Google Maps and Geolocation - using the Google API for geolocation.

Google Translate - Adding Google translate to your app.

Google reCaptcha Sample - the basics for adding a reCaptcha to your app.

QR Code Examples - 2 simple examples of how you can add QR Codes to your app.