Domino Leap Education

This section include training videos and materials to help you get started or become an expert.


New - Step by Step Guide based on v1.0.4 - Build an App Page with Data Grid for selecting a courses to register for and to track workflow approval status.

Step by Step Guide to Build an App - Start with a spreadsheet and build out a robust request app with workflow and service integration.  

Step by Step - Building a Phone Request App with Multiple Approval Levels - Tutorial from DIgital Week Factory Tour - November 2020.

Using JavaScript - Recommended course for understanding the basics of using JavaScript in Domino Leap. Take this course before the rest on this page.

Building Apps with Style - Learn how to add style to your apps and custom navigation.  This course will teach you some of the tricks to building cool looking apps.

Workflow - This course will give you the basics for understanding how the product's workflow capabilities work. 

External JavaScript Libraries - Learn how to extend and add functionality by adding JavaScript libraries to your app.

Interacting with External Services - Integrate REST based services into your app.  Learn what you need to know to out this capability in place.

Using Tables - Table can be used to collect or display data in your app.  Learn how to put them to work in your app

New - Advanced: Integrate Domino Volt with MySQL using Link - Setup MySQL on Docker and then integrate it into your Domino Leap app using Link

Lightning Tips

Designer Basics - Become familiar with the Domino Leap designer.  This video is recommended for new users.

Creating New Apps - A quick overview on how you can create new apps.