Using JavaScript in Your Applications

This section is dedicated to custom JavaScript functions that you can use. Feel free to use these, or share your own! Note that all of these functions are written with the assumption that the secureJS parameter in the is set to true, therefore some of the syntax looks different then if you were just writing natural, unhindered JavaScript.

If you are writing your own javaScript or looking to investigate/debug the functions provided you can add "debugger;" to any line of the code to create a break-point.  If you view the page with the browser developer tools enabled then the code will stop executing at that point and you can then step through the code one line at a time.

As you can see above, from here I can step one line at a time and I can step into or out of functions.  This is a great tool for helping you figure out what might be broken in a function that you build.  You may also add expressions or variables to the "Watch Expressions" section to show you the value of code statements as you progress through your function(s).

Be sure to remove any break points ("debugger;") in your code before publishing your application for final consumption.

Functions Table of Contents

Tables - Functions that are specific to modifying tables.

Lists - Functions that are specific to modifying lists (drop down, select many, select one).

Dates - Functions that are specific to modifying date fields

Other - Function that address a number of different needs